Our dawah pamphlets are well-written and attractively designed to uniquely be of benefit for both Muslim and non-Muslim truth-seeker alike. Each title is actually a concise yet comprehensive essay dealing with the most important and misunderstood themes in Islam today. Individually, the leaflets contain enough text to fill what would otherwise be a lengthy and expensive-to-publish booklet. However, the texts are neatly and compactly formatted to greatly save on printing and paper costs without sacrificing style or readability. Charged with referenced citations from the divine sources of Islam - the Quran and the Sunna – our pamphlets will equip the reader with bite-sized, sound Islamic knowledge, and are the ideal give-away for individual and collective dawah efforts, student Islamic societies, Islamic awareness events or other such educational projects and outreach programmes.

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What is Islam?     ما هو الإسلام؟

EXCERPT Islam is not named after a personality, as is Christianity after Jesus Christ or Buddhism after Buddha, where mortals are deified as man-gods and worshipped alongside or in place of the Creator. Neither is Islam a tribal religion like Hinduism or Judaism (named after the Hindu and Judaic tribes respectively), where salvation is an ethnic birthright and expression of racial supremacy is considered virtuous. Nor does Islam take its name after a political ideology like Marxism or Capitali$m; both of which exploit the poor and vulnerable, rape the Earth of her resources and destroy her environment. ‘Islam’ actually means ‘Submission to the will of Allah (the One True God).’ Anyone who embraces Islam, submitting their will to that of Allah, is a Muslim. ‘Islam’ also implies ‘peace’, ‘security’ and ‘salvation’ – all of which are natural consequences of submitting to God... [more]

Who is Allah?     من هو الله؟

EXCERPT Allah is the self-designated name of God as known to Muslims and Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians. It is a proper noun meaning ‘The (One True) God.’ Allah is the one, absolute and unchallenged universal power. He caused all things to exist when there was nothing; thus He is The Creator. He nourishes and sustains all life, causing it to grow, develop and decay; thus He is The Lord and Cherisher. Nothing happens except what He allows to happen; thus He is The Sovereign Master of all that is... [more]

Who was Muhammad?     محمد  صلى الله عليه وسلم

EXCERPT Muhammad, son of Abdullah, was born in Mecca, Arabia, in 570, into a simple household. Since his father died before his birth and his mother died when he was only six years old, he was raised an orphan by his grandfather and then his uncle. Muhammad had always detested the cruelty, decadence and idolatry of Meccan society and, as he grew, he was labelled ‘the trustworthy one’ for his honesty, integrity and noble character. At the age of 40, whilst meditating in the mountain cave of Hira, Muhammad was suddenly visited by the Angel Gabriel. It was a terrifying experience. The angel squeezed Muhammad tightly and compelled him: ‘READ!’ Muhammad, unlettered, said: ‘I cannot read!’ Again, the angel pressed him: ‘READ!’, and again Muhammad appealed: ‘I cannot read!’ A third time, the angel pressed him: ‘READ!’ and again Muhammad appealed: ‘I cannot read!’ Finally, Gabriel recited: ‘Read! In the name of your Lord Who created; Who Created man from a clot of blood. Read! And your Lord is Most Generous; Who taught man the use of the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.’ And so, a little over 600 years after the ascension of Jesus, God had once again spoken to man. Muhammad had just become a Prophet... [more]

United Colors of Islam     الإسلام والعنصرية

EXCERPT Allah said: ‘What prevented you (O Iblis, the Satan) that you did not prostrate when I commanded?’ Iblis replied: ‘I am better than he (Adam). You created me from fire and him You created from clay.’ (Quran 7:12)
So begins the history of racism. Satan thought himself superior to Adam on account of his origins. Since that day, Satan has misled many of Adam’s descendants into also believing themselves superior to others, causing them to persecute and exploit their fellow man. Quite often, religion has been used to justify the racism... [more]

‘Islamic Terrorism’ Exploded!     مفهوم الإرهاب في الإسلام

EXCERPT The phenomenal global growth of Islam is a cause of great concern for many in the West. Steadfast adherence to Islam is readily equated with backwardness and bigotry. Devout Muslims who piously observe their religion are often mocked for being ‘fundamentalist,’ banded together with genuine extremists, and frequently suspected of supporting terrorism - even though terrorism as a whole is carried out against Muslims and not by them. As a matter of fact, under the pretext of combating ‘Islamic Terrorism,’ despotic powers will readily employ increasingly cruel terroristic methods to mercilessly silence cries for freedom, justice and other basic human rights. And as for jihad, its very mention strikes fear and revulsion in many hearts and minds. Yet, despite its negative press, Islam continues to grow faster than any other way of life through entirely peaceful conversions. So, is the Islamophobia really justified? What is jihad? And what does Islam really say about terrorism? ... [more]

Planet Islam     المستقبل للإسلام

EXCERPT Thawbaan related that the Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Verily, Allah gathered the earth for me so that I saw its east and its west. And truly the dominion of my umma (Muslim world community) will reach that which He gathered for me. And I have been given the treasures of the Red and the White (i.e. the Persian and Roman Empires).’ (Muslim)
Indeed, it was the Prophet’s Companions who learnt the reality of this prophesy. For, immediately after the Prophet’s death, they gained the lands of the two superpowers of the age: the Persian Empire and most of the Roman Empire, including its religious heartland. This feat, ‘The creation within the space of a single century of a vast Arab empire stretching from Spain to India is one of the most extraordinary marvels of history. The speed, magnitude, extent and permanence of these conquests excite our wonder and almost affront our reason’... [more]

The Veil Unveiled     مكانة المرأة في الإسلام

EXCERPT While basically identical to the clothing depicted in traditional Christian representations of the Virgin Mary (Allah’s Peace be upon her and her son) and every nun who has sought to emulate her since, the hijab is readily singled out as a sign of extremism, the supposedly inferior status of Muslim women. Those who see women as little more than sex objects are dismayed at the phenomena of educated, professional or, in any case, ‘free’ Western women turning to Islam. The claim that female converts are either brainwashed fanatics blinded by their veils or suppressed victims frantic to be liberated is no longer accepted. Although, sensationalist and often politically-motivated reports of oppressed Muslim women in some contemporary backward societies still enforce the negative stereotype... [more]

The Punished     الأمم البائدة

EXCERPT So read the Quran and take lesson from the stories of nations past; those who reached the pinnacle of civilisation, amassing great wealth, power and prestige, only to become ungrateful and forget themselves and their Lord. They became decadent and corrupt, arrogant and haughty, cruel and oppressive, as they turned to falsehoods and false gods. Allah sent to them His Prophets, supported with miracles and revelation, to remind them of His Favours and to be dutiful to Him, just and compassionate. But they disbelieved in spite of His Clear Signs. They rejected their Prophets, mocked, scorned and abused them, even tried to kill them! Finally, when they left no excuse for themselves; when they hastened their own destruction by daring the One God to punish them: He did just that, and the earth was cleansed. Not only do their relics serve as an admonition for us today, they also prove the divine origin of the Quran itself. For none but a true Prophet of God, as Muhammad truly was, could have recited such details and with such certainty except that he was divinely inspired... [more]